GALLERY crossing

Shimpei Yoshida

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Shimpei Yoshida,The sea was smooth, free from waves,2022,Color pencils on panel, 38 x 45.5cm

Shimpei Yoshida,For example, it is the wind against your cheek,2022,Color pencils on panel,53 x 91cm

Shimpei Yoshida,I could never read the letter again,2022,Color pencils on panel,32 x 41cm

Shimpei Yoshida,An unforgettable room,2022,Color pencils on panel,32 x 41cm

Shimpei Yoshida,It was neither music nor words,2022,Color pencils on panel,33.3 x 33.3cm

Shimpei Yoshida,Our silence,2022,Color pencils on panel,27 x 27cm

Shimpei Yoshida,For example, you see a quiet night in your eyes,2022,Color pencils on panel,32 x 41cm

Shimpei Yoshida was born in 1992 in Nara Prefecture. In 2014, he graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, and then in 2018 he took part an artist residence program in the artist-run space FRISE, Germany. Since then, he has been using found-photography and installation works to make a colored pencil portrait series, taking inspiration from his own personal experiences. He has taken part in exhibitions in Japan and abroad, displaying his attractive works. These portraits, drawn with a faint touch, which never makes it clear that this is a person who existed somewhere, someone's gaze, words that were never voiced, maintains a poetic distance while touching the viewer's gaze. When the indistinct impression rises up from the screen and suddenly comes into focus, the viewer's consciousness is invited into the painting's spiritual world, and the doors to your senses are quietly opened. At that time, we meet with beautiful and intimate questions about existence, about seeing, hearing, and remembering things, and about our existence with ourselves and others.



  • 2022
    "An unforgettable room", YOD gallery, Osaka, Japan
    "For example, it is the wind against your cheek" GALLERY crossing, Gifu, Japan
    "unreadable letter" myheirloom, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2021
    "Blick der Imagination", Mikiko Sato gallery, Hamburg, Germany
    "That star at night is closer than you think", keiokairai gallery, Kyoto, Japan
  • 2019
    "There was a silent night on my side" Artist in Residence Program FRISE Künstlerhaus, Hamburg, Germany