GALLERY crossing

Alana Wilson, Anna Yamanishi, Kenichi Sasakawa, Rando Aso, Reiko Kinoshita, Takayuki Watanabe, Yoshikazu Tanaka

GALLERY crossing,The Viewing Room “Perspective”

2023.3.4[Sat] - 2023.3.19[Sun]
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*Close Thursday
Meet the artist: March 4, 2023
Gallery talk: 14:00-15:00

Reiko Kinoshita,Installation view

We are pleased to present an exhibition featuring the works of seven artists with different perspectives. The word "perspective" not only refers to the "art of making some objects or people in a picture look further away than others," it also means "viewpoint or way of thinking." In the fields of psychology and philosophy, it is used to mean "the point of view from which we perceive the world." We hope that visitors will experience a different kind of appeal from that of a solo exhibition, in a space where handicrafts such as ceramics and glassware to contemporary art transcend artistic realms and the perspectives of each individual artist intersect.

Rando Aso,2022,Ceramic,180 x 180cm

Kenichi Sasakawa,Idea,2023,

Yoshikazu Tanaka,Installation view,2023,Ceramics

Reiko Kinoshita,Sunshine Duration,2021,Acrylic paint, photographic paper,60 x 50.8cm (image size)

Takayuki Watanabe,Installation view,Ceramic

Alana Wilson,Poem TB Stitch VII,2021-2022,Photogravure etching on cotton rag,Unique; Edition 1/1,(Print Size) 21 x 41.5cm (Paper size) 37 x 57cm

Anna Yamanishi,bee,2022,wood

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