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2022.10.1[Sat] - 2022.10.16[Sun]
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*Close Thursday
Meet the artist: October 1, 2022
Artist talk: 14:00-15:00

Passages"Passages",Installation view,2022

Alana Wilson is an artist who lives and works in Sydney, Australia, whose primary medium is ceramics. She creates her works from the vantage point of exploring the unbroken chain of universal human activities since ancient times, and the relationship between humans and nature. Her works are unconcerned with utility, and she receives inspiration from ancient vessels, the ocean, and water. These serve as metaphors in her work for the traces of the lives of ancient peoples that exist alongside the long history of pottery, and the flow of time that will continue on to the future.
These works, influenced by art and music, everyday encounters and journeys, reflect the actuality of the present time she inhabits, while also capturing the essence tied to the roots that exists inside of us, the connection between humanity of the past and present. This exhibition, which will be her third in Japan, uses tea bowls as a medium. A series of works are presented utilizing various techniques, and a phrase from a certain sentence is repeated throughout. Wilson traverses various types of media, from tea bowls, fragmentary clay impressions, drawings, to etchings, but consistently repeats the same phrase throughout, abstracting the landscape of tea bowls into a narrative that opens up the door to our minds.

"Passages",Installation view,2022

Passages"Passages",Installation view,2022

Alana WILSON, "Poem TB Stitch VII", 2021-2022, Photogravure etching on cotton rag Unique; Edition 1/1

Alana WILSON, T:"Graphite Excerpt",2022, ceramic with graphite and wax medium, M:"Excerpt",2022, stoneware with earthenware glaze and ink, B:"Graphite Excerpt",2022, ceramic with graphite and wax medium

Alana WILSON, L:"Magnesium Cloud Piece",2022, stoneware with magnesium glaze, R:"Graphite Cloud Piece",2022, ceramic with graphite and wax medium

Passages-book,2022, Edition 40

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