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light & shadow

2023.6.3[Sat] - 2023.6.18[Sun]
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Meet the artist: June 3, 4, 2022

MORIMOTO Hitoshi,"light&shadow",2023,Ceramic

Hitoshi Morimoto is a Japanese ceramic artist whose roots lie in Bizen-yaki, one of the six ancient kilns of Japan. His work to date has focused on tableware and flower vases, and his work is centered around BIZEN, which is characterized by traditional discoloration. He is known for his unique "SHIRHANA (White Flower)" series, which captures beautiful forms with a modern touch by firing Bizen clay in a kerosene kiln. In this exhibition, in addition to Bizen vases and tea bowls, he will present his new works created in 2022-23, including his first ceramic sculpture series, "Light & Shadow".

With a background in traditional Bizen yaki kilns and a university degree in sculpture, Hitoshi Morimoto has recently been exploring the "relationship" between space, light and shadow in his sculptures. This exhibition presents his new endeavor of ceramic representation that transcends the boundary between pottery and sculpture, using traditional techniques as a foundation while approaching space beyond its functional purpose.

Bizen Pottery, the centerpiece of my work, is one of the six traditional kilns in Japan. Having been born in a ceramic production area and having a father who is a potter, I believe that it is only natural to draw out the charm of the clay and pass it on to the next generation. After studying sculpture at university and training in Mino, I began working in Bizen. When I look at Bizen Pottery from outside of its framework, while I felt the inconvenience of tradition, I became convinced that the use of Bizen clay as a material has great potential. I have been attracted to primitive forms and objects made of materials different from clay, such as the graceful lines, inner atmosphere, and surface matiere of Yayoi earthenware. I also feel a strong sense of modernity in Negoro lacquerware and Sen no Rikyu's bamboo vases. My theme is to incorporate the essence of these techniques and express them through the most primitive method of yakishime. Based on the natural environment and daily life I would like to explore how Bizen Pottery, as a traditional craft, can be utilized in contemporary living spaces from a sculptural perspective.

Hitoshi Morimoto

MORIMOTO Hitoshi,"light&shadow",2023,Ceramic

MORIMOTO Hitoshi,"light&shadow",2023,Ceramic

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