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For example, it is the wind against your cheek

2022.5.28[Sat] - 2022.6.12[Sun]
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*Close Tuesday
Meet the artist: May 28, 2022

YOSHIDA Shimpei,"For example, it is the wind against your cheek",2022,Color pencils on panel,53 x 91cm

Shimpei Yoshida is a painter from Nara, Japan. He focuses on found photo portraits, which he began to paint after his grandmother passed away. This exhibition titled "For example, it is the wind against your cheek" will consist of approximately ten works he painted during the past few months and installation art.

Yoshida paints portraits of people who are strangers yet feel somehow familiar. Once the viewer associates the vague, colored pencil-drawn images with something, it will draw them into its spiritual world, quietly opening the doors of the senses. At that moment, the beholder will encounter beautiful and intimate questions about being, seeing, hearing, remembering, and the existence of themselves and others.

YOSHIDA Shimpei,"For example, you see a quiet night in your eyes",2022,Color pencils on panel,32 x 41cm

YOSHIDA Shimpei,"An unforgettable room,2022,Color pencils on panel",32 x 41cm

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