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MITSUI Takeyoshi

Bottle people

2022.12.10[Sat] - 2022.12.25[Sun]
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*Close Thursday
Meet the artist: December 10, 2022

MITSUI Takeyoshi,"bottle people",2022,glass

Based in Toyama Prefecture, Takeyoshi Mitsui is a glass artist that works with both hard and soft glass. His 'Bottle People ' series is tranquil in appearance and stands relaxed in the space. Mitsui creates his own unique outlook on the world by adding humorous expressions to the clean shapes produced using sophisticated glass-blowing techniques. In this exhibition, he shares his new works, including his latest 'Pool' series, while further refining his existing 'Bottle People ' series.

MITSUI Takeyoshi,"pool",2022,glass

MITSUI Takeyoshi,"bottle people",2022,glass

MITSUI Takeyoshi,"bottle people",2022,glass

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