GALLERY crossing


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《Is there anything fragile?》2024, Clay, metal pigment, Japanese paper, Japanese paste, wood, aluminum, iron

《At times like this, you come to me》2024, Clay, metal pigment, Japanese paper, Japanese paste, acrylic, panel


《what we say》2024, Clay, metal pigment, Japanese paper, Japanese paste, acrylic, panel

"daily days", 2024, Ceramic clay, metal pigments, Japanese paper, Starch paste, wood panel

UNO You, born in Osaka Prefecture in 1996, completed the Master's program in Ceramics at Kyoto City University of Arts in 2022. He is presenting a new way of engaging with ceramics and proposing a new approach to ceramics. In particular, he focuses on the cracks, chips, and fragility of ceramic materials and presents his work with this perspective. While preserving the state of artworks is necessary for tracing the footsteps of history in culture and art, he deliberately creates situations where damage and aging occur easily, making it difficult to preserve the works. By exhibiting works that serve as a catalyst for reconsidering the relationship between ceramic materials and humans, he introduces new perspectives on the existence of objects, how we interact with them, and how we pass them on, proposing ideas for history, culture, and art.




  • 2022
    "Warete mo sueni · after 1 " LAD GALLERY, Aichi
  • 2021
    "Ceramics at the Chipped End" Alternative space age, Kyoto


  • 2024
    "Transient Encounter" GALLERY crossing, Gifu
  • 2023
    "Tsubu tatsu hikari"concept store see?, Hyogo
  • 2022
    "Ceramic Mountain" kumagusuku, Kyoto
    "Swimming in the soil" Gallery TOWED, Tokyo