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INATOMI Junsuke solo exhibition

2023.11.4[Sat] - 2023.11.19[Sun]
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*Close Thursday
Meet the artist: November 4, 2023
Artist talk: 13:30-14:30

INATOMI Junsuke, "What is beautiful" 2023, Ceramic

In Junsuke Inatomi's work, one can glimpse traces of the act of prayer. What lies beyond his gaze is "demonstrating beauty," a core theme of his work. His artistic process is based on the contradiction between the impossibility of demonstrating beauty in one human-lifetime and the possibility of being able to do so. Covered in white engobe, his pieces emanate an ambiguous impression that can be interpreted as both innocence and emptiness.

Although Inatomi's works are sculptural, they draw in viewer's emotions by existing as vessels that embody various contexts connected to ceramic materials. The clay, which transcends the timeline of our own lives, is faithfully shaped with a yearning for the principle of beauty. It embodies a sense forgiveness towards existence itself and resonates with our hearts with its human-like expressions. In this exhibition, we will present an installation of cylinders as well as small and large wall works in ceramic and plaster.

INATOMI Junsuke, "What is beautiful" 2023, Ceramic

If you are interested in the exhibition or would like to receive a PDF catalog or price list of works, please email the gallery.