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Inner Landscape

2024.2.10[Sat] - 2024.2.25[Sun]
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*Close Wednesday & Thursday
Meet the artist: February 10 & 11, 2024
Gallery talk: February 10, 17:00-18:00

UCHIDA Midori "Inner Landscape", 2024, ceramic, L: 41×19.3×19.3cm/R:30.2×14.6×14.6cm

Ceramicist Midori Uchida studies clay firing techniques and explores the interplay between natural phenomenon-driven coincidence and intentional expressions. Envisioning unseen sceneries unveiled by the uncontrollable furnace, the meticulously crafted forms, refined through countless sketches, serve as vessels that capture the perfect serendipitous moments in the kiln, creating "vessels encapsulating sceneries." These pieces, enriched by "mental images" imprinted by carbonization firing, amplify their allure. By focusing on the act of firing as the main subject matter, Uchida draws forth charming coincidences through personal intent. Uchida's steadfast gaze imbues her artworks with a robust assurance, affirming the world's beauty through harmonious coexistence with nature. Contemplating Uchida's art, we touch upon a silent poetry coursing through our own hearts, catching a glimpse of profoundly distant sceneries in our minds. Explore new realms of refinement, with azure "mental images" drifting faintly in the center.

UCHIDA Midori "Inner Landscape", Inner Landscape, 2024, Ceramic, 19×20.9×20.9cm

UCHIDA Midori "Inner Landscape", 2024, ceramic,28.6×18.2×18.2cm

UCHIDA Midori "Inner Landscape", 2024, ceramic,22.5×14.7×14.3cm

UCHIDA Midori "Inner Landscape", 2024, Ceramic, φ20.2×9cm

UCHIDA Midori "Inner Landscape-tea bowl", 2024, Ceramic, 8×11.2×11cm

UCHIDA Midori "Inner Landscape-tea bowl", 2023, Ceramic, 8×11×10.4cm

【Artist talk】

*Registration is required via e-mail.
Date & Time: Saturday, February 10, 17:00-18:00
Venue: GALLERY crossing
Speaker: UCHIDA Midori(Arrtist)
Guest: YOGO Kozue (Curator, Toshin Mino Ceramic Museum)

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