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Berries and Bunches

2023.12.9[Sat] - 2023.12.26[Tue]
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*Close Wednesday & Thursday
Meet the artist: Dec 9, 2023
Artist talk: 17:00-18:00

KINOSHITA Reiko,"comma -lesson-",2013-2022,acrylic on paper,35.5×28cm

Kinoshita's work is an act of trying to express the continuation of time, using photographic paper exposed to sunlight, paper tanning, folds and folds, and fog-like paint diffused from airbrushes as media. This may be because there are acts of people who feel the “life” such as creases and folds as the material of the work, and the artist's actions feel a longing for “aging”. her work takes you to a journey of imagination somewhere that is not here-by noting and showing the trivial being overlooked in your life.

The innumerable particles sticking to the surface allow the viewer to feel the touch of time due to the realness of the substance. When you stretch your hand towards the grapes on the table, you experience the vibrancy of almost being able to touch one, and at the same time, when you touch it, it flows like grains of sand and transforms, vanishing with nothing for you to hold onto but a sense of nothingness - the feeling when you stand in front of her works is the experience of gazing at the essence of time itself.

This exhibition comprises everything from new works to old works created in the approximate 10 years from 2014 until now. Rich in variation, Kinoshita's many works allow you to sense the transforming support and surface of her works, her changing interests, and provide a viewpoint for the constancy of time.

KINOSHITA Reiko,"mark",2014,acrylic,cotton, panel,95×95×3cm

KINOSHITA Reiko,"Sunshine Duration -turn red-",2021,acrylic on sensitized paper,29.8×29.8cm

KINOSHITA Reiko,"Yellow flower pattern",2022,acrylic on piece of cloth,22.5×22.5cm

KINOSHITA Reiko,"veil",2013-2022,acrylic on Fusible interfacing,cotton, panel,86×140×4.5cm

KINOSHITA Reiko,"Like a grain torn from a bunch",27.8×19×1.7cm

【Artist talk】

*Registration is required via e-mail.
Date & Time: Saturday, December 9, 17:00-18:00
Venue: GALLERY crossing
Speaker: KINOSHITA Reiko(Arrtist)
Guest: KATO Megumi (Curator, Kiyosu City Haruhi Art Museum)

If you are interested in the exhibition or would like to receive a PDF catalog or price list of works, please email the gallery.