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Absence of bedroom

2023.9.9[Sat] - 2023.9.24[Sun]
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*Close Thursday
Meet the artist: September 9, 2023
Artist talk: 13:30-14:30

YOSHIDA Shimpei “Good night, my father” , 2023, Oil on canvas, 100×100cm

Yoshida Shimpei creates portraits based on found photos to reveal the "sense of absence" lurking within them. His works are filled with extremely personal intimacy, yet the blurred images contain emptiness and solitude, leaving a solid impression. As Yoshida puts it, "Imagining someone else's life is similar to directing our gaze towards something that is right in front of us but had taken for granted, and I will do my best never to forget this." By intimately depicting a foreign presence that looks familiar, Yoshida extracts and presents the presumed narrative as an impression that engages the viewers in a profound dialogue with the artwork. The hazy images induce an inward gaze in response to the invisible existence, while seemingly ordinary scenes that feel familiar demonstrate both intimacy and absence.

YOSHIDA Shimpei “Absence of bedroom” , 2023, Oil on canvas, 33.5×33.5cm

YOSHIDA Shimpei “Silence is in your hands” , 2023, Oil on canvas, 22×27.3cm

YOSHIDA Shimpei “Dear letter to you” , 2023, beeswax,match stick

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