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Re-calling Flakes

2024.5.11[Sat] - 2024.5.26[Sun]
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*Close Wednesday & Thursday
Meet the artist: 11, 12, 25, 26 May,2024

《Is there anything fragile?》2024, Clay, metal pigment, Japanese paper, Japanese paste, wood, aluminum, iron

GALLERY crossing is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by artist UNO Yu. This is his first solo exhibition at the gallery, and he will be showing new works, mainly paintings made of ceramics. We hope you will take this opportunity to visit the exhibition.

We try to preserve unforgettable memories by writing, drawing, and photographing them, but it is impossible to remember every single moment completely. Memories fade over time, important details are lost, contradictions arise, and yet we still hold on to what remains, carefully preserving fragments of our memories. UNO Yu captures his own unforgettable memories on clay and transforms them into pottery by firing them in a kiln. He believes that pottery is something that has been pushed forward in time by human hands, and by breaking it into pieces, he brings back his own sense of reality. He hopes to capture the vividness of memories and transform the fleeting moments into eternal light, giving them a new form as pottery. When we gaze upon the shattered paintings that have been brought back to life on paper, we may realize that our traces of life are preserved through such continuous acts.


《At times like this, you come to me》2024, Clay, metal pigment, Japanese paper, Japanese paste, acrylic, panel


《what we say》2024, Clay, metal pigment, Japanese paper, Japanese paste, acrylic, panel

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1996, completed the Master’s program in Ceramics at Kyoto City University of Arts in 2022. He is presenting a new way of engaging with ceramics and proposing a new approach to ceramics. In particular, he focuses on the cracks, chips, and fragility of ceramic materials and presents his work with this perspective. While preserving the state of artworks is necessary for tracing the footsteps of history in culture and art, he deliberately creates situations where damage and aging occur easily, making it difficult to preserve the works. By exhibiting works that serve as a catalyst for reconsidering the relationship between ceramic materials and humans, he introduces new perspectives on the existence of objects, how we interact with them, and how we pass them on, proposing ideas for history, culture, and art.

If you are interested in the exhibition or would like to receive a PDF catalog or price list of works, please email the gallery.