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Land, Land, Island

2024.4.13[Sat] - 2024.4.28[Sun]
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2024.4.13[Sat] - 2024.4.28[Sun]
*Close Wednesday & Thursday
Artist talk: 4.13[Sat] 16:00-

We'll be showcasing "Land, Land, Island," a solo exhibition by Alana WILSON, an artist based in Sydney, Australia. Wilson, from New Zealand, works primarily with ceramics, both in her Sydney studio and during her travels worldwide for research and creative endeavours.

Her works delve into themes of cultural identity tied to the land and its landscapes, human activities intertwined with relics and excavations, humanism, and the delicate balance between nature and humanity. They reflect on the ancient roots of ceramic techniques, hinting at connections between the paths walked by ancient civilizations and our modern existence. Additionally, they provoke questions about our relationship with nature as we continue to alter the Earth's environment.

WILSON’s artworks build a unique world through experimental glazing and firing techniques, drawing inspiration from artefacts across various regions and time periods. While many pieces take the form of vessels, they transcend mere utility, capturing the essence of ceramics as both a craft and an art form. By using natural materials linked to the land and showcasing the chemical transformations within the kiln, her works document human intervention alongside natural processes.

This exhibition will feature approximately 20 new works, inspired by her research since 2020, into decolonization and the revitalization of indigenous traditions in Australia and New Zealand. They serve as a poignant commentary on post-colonialism, environmental degradation, and our disconnected relationship with the Earth. We invite you to experience this evocative collection and join the conversation.

《Land Land Island Composition》2024, Dimensions variable, Terracotta with reactive stoneware glazes, copper and cobalt oxides, sand, shell impressions

《Receiver Vessel V》2024, 31×21×21cm, Stoneware with terra sigillata and Aramoana shells

《Receiver Vessel II 》2024, 32×31×31cm, Stoneware with terra sigillata and shell flashing

《Oxide Vessel V》2023, 29×22×22cm, Terracotta with red iron oxide wash

《Oxide Vessel II》2023, 35×24×24cm, Terracotta with red iron oxide wash

《Midden》2020-24, Dimensions variable, Dimensions variablePorcelain and stoneware clays with various stoneware and earthenware glazes (1500 pieces), Photograph by Alana WILSON

《The Eye I》2024, 15×8×8cm, Terracotta with black oxide wash and paua, oyster, & mussel fragments, Photograph by Alana WILSON

【Artist talk】

*Registration is required via e-mail.
Date & Time: 2024.4.13[Sat] 16:00
Venue: GALLERY crossing
Speaker: Alana WILSON (Artists)
Organizer: KUROMOTO Misa(GALLERY crossing)
Interpreter: FUKAZAWA Ion