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Alana WILSON,"Passages",Installation view,2022

Alana WILSON,"Poem TB",2022,Earthenware with glaze and ink 8.5×11.5×11.5cm

Alana WILSON, L:"Magnesium Cloud Piece",2022, stoneware with magnesium glaze, R:"Graphite Cloud Piece",2022, ceramic with graphite and wax medium

Alana WILSON, T: "Graphite Excerpt",2022, ceramic with graphite and wax medium, M: "Excerpt",2022, stoneware with earthenware glaze and ink, B: "Graphite Excerpt",2022, ceramic with graphite and wax medium

Alana WILSON, "Poem TB Stitch VI (Ironstone Bistre)" 2021-2022, Photogravure etching on cotton rag Unique; Edition 1/1,(Print Size) 24×41.5cm,(Paper size) 39×57cm

Alana WILSON, "Poem TB Stitch III",2021-2022, Photogravure etching on cotton rag Unique; Edition 1/1,(Print Size) 21 x 57cm (Paper size) 25.5×76cm

Alana WILSON, "Poem TB Stitch I",2021-2022, Photogravure etching with chine collé on Awakiwi paper & cotton rag, Unique; Edition 1/1,(Print Size) 21×41.5cm,(Paper size) 36×58cm

Alana WILSON,"Curl Curl Flashed Moon",2020,Porcelain with reactive barium and titanium glazes,38×38×38cm

Alana WILSON, "Flashed Echelon",2020, Porcelain with stoneware glaze with subtle chrome flashing,29.5×17×17cm

Alana WILSON, "Crawling Shallow Teabowl",2019-2020, Terracotta with crawling stoneware glaze, 6×13×13.5cm

Alana WILSON, "Woodfired Moon",2019, Woodfired porcelain with reactive glaze, 22×21×21cm

Alana WILSON, "Emblematic Blue", 2020, Terracotta with reactive cobalt glaze, 31×13×13.5cm

Alana Wilson's ceramics seem to have been created by the sedimentation of time. Their simple shapes and rough surfaces evoke the ruins of yesterday's world. They had survived the cataclysms of human history and, both fragile and powerful, are seeking their path in the world of today and tomorrow. The primary function of the container is never directly affirmed, maintaining a metaphorical use of form and material. The patent hand marks suggest a form of continuity with the long history of ceramic practices. Behind the apparent neutrality of these objects lies an embodied vision of the links between humans and their environment.




  • 2023
    "A Brief Reflection", Reading Room, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2022
    "Passages" GALLERY crossing, Gifu, Japan
    "Potter's House Mallorca", Islas Balears, Spain
  • 2020
    "Planets, Mercies, & The Flow",GALLERY crossing, Gifu, Japan
  • 2019
    "Vernissage - Undercover Brutalisme", Castor Fleuriste, Paris, France
  • 2018
    "Brut. Med.", Wedge Gallery at Kinokuniya, Sydney, Australia
    "Ode", GALLERY Crossing, Gifu, Japan
    "Surface Revisions", with Anna Varendorff, JamFactory, Adelaide, Australia
    "Six Pacific II", Studio Exhibition, Sydney, Australia
  • 2017
    "Summer Salon: Illuminations" with Ryder Jones, Muck, Auckland, NZ
    "T",with Romy Northover, Floating Mountain, New York City, USA
    "Brutalist Meditations", Lee Mathews, Sydney, Australia
  • 2015
    "Conditional Archaeology", Mr Kitly, Melbourne, Australia
    "Compositions (for L.A)", Jasmin Shokrian Atelier, Los Angeles, USA
    "Ode / Pavilion II", Branch 3D, Sydney, Australia
  • 2014
    "Ode / Pavilion", Chinaclay, Sydney, Australia
  • 2013
    "Lux", Sabbia Gallery, Sydney, Australia


  • 2023
    "Perspective", GALLERY Crossing, Gifu, Japan
    "Smoke", curated by Ed Davis, Reading Room, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2022
    "Outisde In", Laree Payne Gallery, Hamilton, New Zealand
  • 2021
    "Earthbound", Goulburn Regional Gallery, NSW Australia
    "The Viewing Room", GALLERY Crossing, Gifu, Japan
  • 2020
    "The Vase & Flower Show", curated by Sassy Park, Sydney, Australia
    "(Three Artists, Forms, Colours)", Reading Room, Melbourne, Australia
    "Unframed", Kogei-Seika Fair, from GALLERY crossing,Tokyo, Japan
  • 2019
    "Russh 15th Anniversary Exhibition", Vicki Lee Gallery, Sydney, Australia
    Installation for Her. Magazine, Lillt, Nagoya, Japan
    "T-SITE for Her. Magazine", TSUTAYA Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan
    "Manifest", Australian Ceramics Triennale, Hobart, Australia
    "Object & Thing", 99 Scott, Brooklyn, NYC, USA
    "Gippsland Sculpture Prize Exhibition", Arc Gallery, Yinnar VIC, Australia
    "The Supply Chain", Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2018
    "Port Hacking 50th Anniversary Pottery Competition", Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney, Australia
    "Atelier by Régime Des Fleurs", RdF Atelier, Los Angeles, USA
  • 2017
    "Archive by Régime Des Fleurs", Field & Forest, Chicago, USA
    "Purity / 3017", Meet My Project, Via Galerie, Paris, France
    "Cold Comforts", Sheffer Gallery, Sydney, Australia
  • 2016
    "Lilies Of Forgiveness, C.Nichols Project, Los Angeles, USA
    "House Of Voltaire", Studio Voltaire, London, UK
    "Clay", Saint Cloche Gallery, Sydney, Australia
    "Pot Plant", London Design Festival, London, UK
    "Six Young Artists", Walcha Gallery, Walcha, Australia
    "Perfect Imperfect", Nishi Gallery, Canberra, Australia
    "Return To Beauty", Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2015
    "LAXART 10 Year Anniversary Benefit", Los Angeles, USA
    "Cups... Runneth Over", Chinaclay, Sydney, Australia
    "Select Works", KFA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
    "Terra Australis", Home@735 Gallery, Sydney, Australia
    "Turn Turn Turn", National Art School Gallery, Sydney, Australia
    "Select Works", Walcha Gallery, Walcha, Australia
    "Collection (Primavera Composition)", Chinaclay, Sydney, Australia
  • 2014
    "Untitled Group Show (Aquatherapie)", @735 Gallery, Sydney, Australia
  • 2013
    "Light & Lightness", IV Asna Clay Triennial, VM Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan


  • 2019
    Northern Beaches Council Art Prize (finalist)
    Gippsland Sculpture Prize (dual finalist)
  • 2018
    Port Hacking 50th Anniversary Pottery Competition (finalist)
  • 2011
    Sabbia Award (NAS)