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Anna Yamanishi

sensational scale

2022.11.5[Sat] - 2022.11.20[Sun]
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*Close Thursday
Meet the artist: November 5, 2022

Anna Yamanishi,shell and eyes,2020,wood,108 x 135 x 8cm

GALLERY crossing is pleased to present "sensational scale," the first solo exhibition featuring the works of artist Anna Yamanishi at our gallery.

Anna Yamanishi creates wood sculptures by drawing inspiration from materials such as fabric and strings, and she has described the art of carving wood as an exploration of liminal spaces in the world. Her acute vision is drawn toward invisible objects around us, such as gravity, air, time, and light, that we can catch glimpses of in her poetic world and whose ephemeral beauty is captured in her works. Her three-dimensional works have an undulating form that creates the impression of something being concealed within, which in turn gives viewers a sense of déjà vu and evokes the feeling of recalling a nostalgic, faint memory. Her works exist in a space with subtle incongruities and seek to make viewers aware of their unconscious mind by allowing them to experience what the act of "seeing" truly entails.

Anna Yamanishi,Installation view,2022

Anna Yamanishi,Installation view,2022

Anna Yamanishi,blind,2022,wood,29 x 17.5 x 2.5cm

Anna Yamanishi,mimi,2021,wood,Whitewash,pigment,13 x 5 x 5cm

Anna Yamanishi,painied picture,2022,wood,43 x 28.3 x3cm

Anna Yamanishi,sheep,2022,wood,6 x 9 x 8cm

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