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Vessels for Landscape

2024.7.13[Sat] - 2024.7.28[Sun]
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*Close Wednesday & Thursday
Meet the artist: 13, 14, 28 July,2024

"Vessel for Landscape#20", 2024, Lacquer, branches, gold, wood, clay, etc.

Branches and stones that seem familiar are combined with lacquer to create extraordinary-looking objects. As you gaze at these whimsical creations, you might suddenly feel as if you've shrunk and entered the landscape of the artwork. SOMEYA focuses on the decorative aspects of lacquer art, using 'landscape' as one of his themes. "Vessel for Landscape" is a series of sculptures in which he transforms natural objects like stones and branches into a 'vessel' or canvas for lacquer art. These natural objects, often overlooked, are elevated into extraordinary 'landscapes' through the application of lacquer. His works evoke the aesthetic sensibilities of Japanese art, reminiscent of scholar rocks and bonsai and the associated playfulness and ornamentation. Someya's pieces invite you to enjoy a journey through a modern interpretation of miniature landscapes while also humoring the collecting instinct in you.

"Vessel for Landscape#69|Stony styrofoam", 2024, Lacquer, Styrofoam pieces, gold leaf, clay, etc.

"Vessel for Landscape#68|MISHIRAZUKAKI", 2024, Lacquer, branches, clay, etc.

"Vessel for Landscape#66|boundary", 2024, Lacquer, Stone, MDF

"Vessel for Landscape#67|Silhouette", 2024, Lacquer, Stone, Cray

"Vessel for Landscape#26", 2024, Lacquer, branches, gold, wood, clay, etc.

"Vessel for Landscape#26", 2024, Lacquer, branches, gold, wood, clay, etc.

"Vessel for Landscape#65|boundary", 2024, Lacquer, Stone, MDF

【Artist talk】

*Registration is required via e-mail.
Date & Time: Sunday, July 14, 14:00-15:00
Venue: GALLERY crossing
Speaker: SOMEYA Satoshi, TSUCHIDA Maki(Art Historians)